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    1992. Kenya. Two women fall in love... A play by Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko, Foreword by Virginia Stern
    by Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko About the author »

    1992. Kenya. On the eve of the country's first democratic elections, everyone is brewing with expression, even in the tiny, rural vil- lage, Luoland, with no electricity or running water...

  2. Undoing FGM

    Undoing FGM

    Pierre Foldes: The Surgeon Who Restores the Clitoris
    by Hubert Prolongeau About the author »

    One hundred and thirty million excised women inhabit the globe. These massive statistics mask human realities: torment breaks these victims one by one. Pierre Foldes took their hurt in both...

    What Our Readers Say

    „A highly readable and tantalizing book, Foldes restores what should never have been cut. His dedication to the health and well-being of women makes clear that FGM must stop.”
    -Yayehyirad Kitaw, MD/MPH, 2012
  3. Blood Stains. A Child of Africa Reclaims Her Human Rights

    Blood Stains. A Child of Africa Reclaims Her Human Rights

    Best Selling Memoir by Khady with Marie-Thérèse Cuny
    by Khady, with Marie-Therese Cuny About the author »

    Born, raised and mutilated in a small village in Senegal before being sent to a cousin-husband in France to bear 3 children before the age of 19, Khady had cause...

    What Our Readers Say

    „What we think of as the unspeakable pain and suffering of FGM must be shouted and given voice, relentlessly. Khady's account is wrenching and necessary reading.”
    -Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Harvard University, 2012

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