Terms and Conditions

1. UnCUT/Voices Press does not sell CCA prohibited goods & services.

2. UnCUT/Voices Press is responsible for all transactions on this website.

3. UnCut/Voices Press prints all orders on demand. Therefore, orders cannot be cancelled after submission. In the event of documented damage due to printer error, improper packaging or documented delay in excess of 45 days after order submission, UnCut/Voices Press will refund the full purchase price including up to 1000 EUR in shipment fees.

4. Export restrictions: UnCUT/Voices Press will not ship to the following countries...

a. Burma (Myanmar)

b. Ivory Cost

c. Irak

d. Iran

e. Dem. Rep. of the Congo

f. Cuba

g. Liberia

h. North Korea

i. Zimbabwe

j. Sudan

k. Syria

l. Belarus


5. There is no minimum payment amount for approved credit card transactions. The maximum amount for approved credit card transactions is $2,000 or 1,600€ or the equivalent amount in other currencies.

6. UnCut/Voices Press Geschäftsnummer HRB 86527, Unternehmergesellschaft Haftungsbeschränkt.